Cryo Sport

Cryo Sport Service

Cryo Sport targets physical injuries with a direct application of cryogenically cooled air reaching -160C. This localised method of treatment has a higher flow rate to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue and joints.

As the name suggests, this has exceptional uses for sporting injuries and has pre-programmed settings for different areas. Cryo Sport reduces swelling, inflammation and pain, therefore is well accompanied by injury treatment from compression massage and injury specialist.

Not only can Cryo Sport help you get back to training and competing sooner, it can also be used as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of injury. Outside of the sporting world it has a multitude of benefits to anyone suffering with pain from inflammation and physical injuries.

Research and testimonials show outstanding results for people who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, autoimmune disorders and chronic pain.

Please contact our team to find out how Cryo Sport can Levitate your recovery!

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Regular Cryotherapy allows athletes to train more, protect against injuries and recover quicker. It is common practice throughout the sports and fitness industry to utilise Cryotherapy to increase performance and boost recovery.
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Our Equipment

Our Equipment

The Cryo Arctic is the safest and most effective method of whole body cryotherapy that the industry has to offer. True whole body cryotherapy allows the user’s full body to be exposed to 100% breathable cryogenically cooled air.
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Why Cryotherapy?

Why Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy has a diverse range of benefits and is complimentary to any health and wellness routine. Whatever your goals may be, we can find a way to assist you! It is a time-friendly and affordable treatment that can work around your other commitments.
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The Cryo Penguin can perform many different treatments making it the most versatile localised cryotherapy equipment on the market. Localised cryotherapy is flexible to allow for a precise targeted treatment area to a whole limb or area of the body.  

Cryotherapy equipment.


Yes, the Cryo Penguin is the safest and most versatile localised cryotherapy equipment available. The device exceeds health and safety standards using
cryogenically cooled air with temperature sensors, distance guides and an emergency shut off system.

Single area treatment can last anywhere between 4-20 minutes and you can have multiple areas in one session. You can purchase a package to save on multiple area treatments.

For localised cryotherapy there are no specific requirements. We suggest dressing for comfort for the best experience.

If you have a physical injury from sports or work, pain from over use or need to manage inflammatory/pain related health conditions this treatment is a must. Cryo Sport treatment can be used to reduce swelling and inflammation from physical injuries, relieve pain and encourage healing post exercise and to manage longer term injuries and health conditions.

No, cryotherapy treatment exposes you to dry cryogenically cooled air and there is no need to shower afterwards.