Cryotherapy Benefits for Cristiano Ronaldo

Often considered as one of the best football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo has recently made the headlines with his behaviour at a European Championship press conference.

As the Monday 14th June interview took place in Budapest, a day ahead of the Portuguese national team’s match against Hungary, Ronaldo conspicuously removed two bottles of Coca Cola from in front of him, raising his own innocuous bottle and declaring “agua”, the Portuguese for water.

The talented footballer’s snub of the tournament sponsors and a blatant attack on product placement, not only wiped an alleged $4billion of Coca Cola’s stock price but also showed the Portuguese player’s dedication to his fitness.

By signalling to viewers worldwide that water is better than “sugar water”, Cristiano Ronaldo sent out a very clear message that he takes his health very seriously and so should the wider public.

But what else does the sporting legend do to maintain his fitness?

Our favourite part of Ronaldo’s regime is his use of cryotherapy. Back in 2013 the Portuguese installed a cryotherapy chamber at his Madrid mansion. With a personal gym and swimming pool, the Juventus star says the secret to his success is “mixing it up” and that includes using his own personal cryotherapy chamber after a match or a workout.

With everything from running to rowing, Pilates and on the training cycle, Ronaldo believes that warming up and getting exercise whenever you can is the best way to have a fit and healthy body. Backed up by a diet high in protein, wholegrain carbs, fruit and veg, the footballer shuns sugary food and drink, hence his shifting of the bottles of Coke at his interview.

But it’s having that whole body cryotherapy that really sets the star aside as he uses the benefits of his cryo chamber to work on his muscles and recover from post-match sprains and swellings.

Having your own cryotherapy chamber is beyond the means of most people, after all, Ronaldo is a multi-millionaire sports star and is one of the richest athletes in the world. However, access to cryotherapy for cryo wellness is easy when you speak with Levitate Rest & Recover.

With access to our equipment you can use the °CRYO Arctic™ for whole body therapy or the °CRYO Penguin™ for localised treatment, whether you use our services for sport, beauty or weight loss.