Mark Wahlberg: Cryotherapy Dedicated Fan

Does Mark Wahlberg do Cryotherapy?

Yes he does, and he’s a dedicated fan.

Wahlberg, the 50-year-old Hollywood actor, is in fine form in his fifth decade of life. Like many successful people he is a creature of habit and stays fit due to what some may call an “extreme” daily workout.

The former Calvin Klein model gets up around 3am every morning and exercises for 2 hours, 7 days a week. Having a personal trainer to guide him, Wahlberg pushes himself to the limit with physical activity including weight training and cardio.

Then, after his intense two-hour fitness session, the man formerly known as rapper Marky Mark, spends time in the °CRYO Arctic™ chamber for a round of whole body cryotherapy.
Here’s Mark in action, enjoying music in his own cryochamber, donning a mask, hat, gloves and pants to protect his extremities.

When he’s not benefiting from whole body cryo, he takes advantage of localised cryotherapy with the application of the °CRYO Penguin™.

Dedicated to living a healthy life and having an active lifestyle, Wahlberg once appeared on The Ellen Show and told the host:

“I’m telling you, ‘Cryotherapy’ it is great for recovery and it just takes all the inflammation out of your body, it helps you sleep good. You should try it!”

And he’s in good company too; Daniel Craig, Kim Kardashian, Usain Bolt, Miley Cyrus, Will Smith and Jennifer Anniston are all big fans of cryotherapy, boasting not just recovery but also weight loss, skin health and other performance boosts.

If you’d also like to take advantage of the benefits of cryotherapy, we have the °CRYO Arctic™ chamber for whole body therapy and the °CRYO Penguin™ for localised treatment. Contact us today to reap the rewards of cryo treatment.