Normatec Compression Massage

Normatec Compression Massage Service

The Normatec Compression Massage System is the new go-to recovery equipment for professional athletes. Also known as lymphatic massage, it eliminates metabolites that prolong muscle soreness and recovery time. This relaxing treatment helps relieve the feeling of heavy legs and has numerous benefits outside of the sporting world, particularly helping people who have limited movement, varicose veins and physical injuries. The lymphatic system is important for the optimal functioning of our general and specific immune responses. Therefore it makes perfect sense that people also benefit from increased energy levels, better sleep and a stronger immune system. 

It was described by Joe Rogan on the ‘JRE MMA Show ♯103 with Max Holloway’ as his favourite recovery equipment and used by Anthony Joshua, Tia Toomey, Neymar Jr and more professional athletes to boost their performance and recovery. 

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Before treatment you will complete a questionnaire that details any medical conditions that would make compression massage unsuitable for you. If you do not suffer from any of these conditions then there is nothing to worry about.

The Normatec Compression Massage System can be used as a warm up, recovery or relaxation tool. The sequential pulsing pattern flushes metabolic waste from the limbs, reduces aches and pains, increases circualtion and boosts recovery.

Tracksuit bottoms or leggings have to be worn when using the Normatec system.

Yes, Normatec’s founder, Laura F. Jacobs, MD, PhD, a physician bioengineer, discovered that the most important element for effective compression massage was the massage pattern itself. The Normatec system is built using this method is used now by some of the worlds highest level athletes.

Depending on your goals, a compression massage session can last anywhere between 5-45 minutes.