True Whole Body Cryotherapy vs Cryo Sauna

What is whole body cryotherapy (WBC)?

WBC is a method of cryotherapy treatment that exposes the full body – including the head – to extremely cold temperatures as low as -140C to promote benefits for performance, recovery, wellness, skincare and fat-loss. A typical session lasts 1-3 minutes in a 100% breathable atmosphere in temperatures between -80C and -140C depending on experience. WBC is particularly effective for increasing mental wellness, improving quality of sleep and relieving pain symptoms.

The Cryo Arctic is the safest and most effective method of whole-body Cryotherapy that the industry has to offer. True WBC allows the users full body to be exposed to 100% breathable cryogenically cooled air. The Cryo Arctic uses this method of ‘indirect injection’ so that the user never has direct contact with liquid nitrogen, unlike ‘Cryo Saunas’. It has built in safety protocols and pre-programmed settings to provide the best WBC treatment available.

The equipment is fitted with a premium sound system so you can listen to your favourite song and communicate with the operator during your treatment. The Cryo arctic also has the option to provide partial body Cryotherapy with an adjustable window to expose the head and neck.

What makes this different to Cryo saunas?

It is a common misconception that Cryo Saunas are a type of WBC, when in fact they are a ‘Partial Body Cryotherapy’ treatment advertised as WBC. During a Cryo Sauna treatment your body is exposed directly to unbreathable nitrogen vapour with the head and neck area above the vapour to avoid suffocation. This type of treatment is potentially dangerous to the user and can result in cold injuries and asphyxiation.

The head and neck are essential to achieve the full benefits of WBC because this is where the thermoreceptors that control thermoregulation for the whole body are located.

So, partial body cryotherapy isn’t effective?

Incorrect, when applied safely by indirect injection partial body, Cryotherapy still has a diverse range of benefits for performance, recovery, wellness, skincare and fat-loss. The studies that detail the positive effects of WBC are conducted in a Cryo chamber and not Cryo sauna environment, because a Cryo sauna is actually ‘partial body Cryotherapy’. Misleading advertising often has users thinking they are having Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment and then do not achieve the expected results.

“Cryo sauna was peddled mainly due to simplicity of construction and relatively low price of equipment. Producers were trying to convince potential clients that both cryochambers and cryosaunas are equal.”- Dr. Krzysztof Zimmer

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