Who, What, Where and Why?

What We Do

At Levitate Rest & Recover we provide Cryotherapy and wellness services to help you reach your physical, mental and aesthetic goals. Our mission is to deliver the best customer experience and most effective treatment plans that the industry has to offer. Our flexible approach to bookings and treatment options make it ideal for anyone looking to levitate their health and wellness plan. We have the world’s most renowned Cryotherapy and wellness equipment available for you to rest & recover like the world’s elite.

Our services assist with:

  • Performance
  • Recovery
  • Wellness
  • Skincare
  • Fat-loss

We knew that if we truly wanted to be the best, we had to have the best equipment! At Levitate Rest & Recover you can use the same performance and recovery equipment as the world’s largest sports teams, as well as the most exclusive invitation-only wellness clinics, such as: Upgrade Labs US, LMS Wellness clinic UK, Lazio Roma FC, Philadelphia Eagles, US Air Force and Army, Lamborghini Racing Team, Nike Just Do It HQ and many more!

Under one roof, we provide:

Who Are We?

Levitate Rest & Recover was founded by the three directors – Toby, George and Chris – all of whom come from a military, engineering and physical training background. We gained our skills and experiences from industries that rely on integrity, precision and delivering results, so it is important to us that Levitate Rest and Recover also displays these qualities. We realise that Cryotherapy in particular is an underrepresented method of treatment in the UK and we plan to change that! Milton Keynes is where we will start our journey to give Cryotherapy the platform it deserves and from there will build our place in the community.